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Where can you buy MDPV for sale online?

Sold as research chemical

If you want to buy MDPV you don't have to look very hard. Many research chemical companies sell MDPV in large batches and quantities compared to the "bath salts" sold at many head shops and alternative stores. Though you can buy MDPV online, you should know that in US States like Kentucky, Florida, and Louisiana. The side effects of MDPV use include intense awareness, alertness, arousal, agitation, sleep deprivation, and dependancy. In Denmark and Sweden you can go to prison for having MDPV, so don't buy it online there. Many research chemical companies online sell "samples" at prices between $3.50 and $24 a gram, and many of these samples are sold in packets which could be turned around for retail sale. Do not buy MDPV if you do not want to assume the liability of selling it, since any bad actions taken by users can make you legally liable, or even criminally liable, for selling it. NO MDPV IS SOLD ON THIS SITE.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: You may be able to buy MDPV in quantity, but you have a certain moral responsibility if it is causing heart problems, seizures, dependence and anxiety in the people who use it no matter how many times you say it isn't for human consumption.